Hot Rod Sport – Here To Stay

The hot rod cars are simply old inexpensive cars that have been altered, modified and customized to the taste and performance desires of the client. The timeline between 1945 and 1965 is known as the "Hot Rod Era" as the restoration of old cars became almost like the national sport of the United States much like today's online gambling and poker industry. Suddenly, everyone wanted a hot rod. One saw multiple different styles and types of hot rod cars mushrooming during this time period.

At times, the hot rods have been altered and have had parts replaced or in some cases, even the entire engine, transmission, steering and breaks are replaced. Today, Hot rod car shows are common across the United States and other parts of the world every year. The most popular events are the California Hot Rod Reunion and the National Hot Rod Reunion, both organized by the NHRA.

If you think the rising gas prices will slim down the popularity of hot rods sport then think again. Whatever the future holds for hot rod cars, people will always find ways to customize them to their taste. A hotrodder can take a car and modify it to expend its electrical energy over the course of accelerating rival speeds of any internal combustion engine driven car.

As long as we use cars, hotrodders will find ways to change and develop them. And it's not just cars. You will come across many other movements where people are involved in modifying custom motorcycles or choppers, etc. Today, modifying cars for extreme economy is a real challenge. People are experimenting with alternative fuel vehicles such as alcohol, bio-diesel, plug in hybrids, fuel cell, even compressed air. The hot rods sport is here to stay.

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